North American Machinery has been in the business of marketing all types of cranes for 27 years.  Specializing in Ringer cranes, high capacity crawler cranes and All terrain cranes.  With a proven track record of working with some of the largest Construction companies in the world, we can sell a crane for you!

Selling cranes in today’s market requires not only specialized knowledge of the equipment you are selling, but dismantling, freight and other associated details.  Above all, you have to be able to trust company you are working with to get you the best price and handle the negotiations and shipment in a professional manner for the best results and with the least amount of time and distraction on your part.

Construction companies and crane rental houses need to focus on their main business functions and marketing surplus equipment usually does not fall in that description.

North American Machinery has the knowledge and organization to be able to focus on selling your equipment and get you the best return on your equipment investment, and we have the largest customer base worldwide with which to provide these services.

We also will handle putting together the marketing information including getting proper jobsite photos of the equipment and we will show the equipment at our expense while coordinating the inspections with your particular jobsite or yard requirements.

Our main focus is to sell your surplus equipment with the least amount of hassle and distraction to you and your company, from marketing through to loadout and shipping.

We will also be on hand at your yard or jobsite to help coordinate the loadout with your crew and communicate with the truckers to guarantee as smooth a shipping process as possible.